Although I like to consider myself a celebrity/reality TV guru, I have to admit that since I had my second child ten months ago I have much less time to keep up with the tabloids and entertainment news like I used  to. Most days good old priorities like Sesame Street and bath time outweigh flipping through a magazine or catching up on E! News. (And I LOVE every minute of it…errr, okay, most minutes – cleaning poop out of the bath, I do not love.) This is why I thank my lucky stars for this gig I have writing for Skinny Mom. It’s like gossiping with friends and the best excuse to lie in bed late at night with my laptop cruising the gossip sites, telling my husband, ‘Shhhhhh, I have to finish work.’

With that, I sometimes find myself shocked when a juicy tidbit of good Mommywood gossip flies under my (usually ultra in-tune) radar.  However, it recently happened {gasp}.

I must admit that I had absolutely no idea that The Office actress, Jenna Fischer, was pregnant AND had a baby late last year. Am I the only one?? I think she is such an adorable and quirky actress and while I never followed The Office religiously (I think one of the trashier Real Housewives reality series must have been on at the same time…and well, you know – priorities), I know that Jenna Fischer is a pretty popular name in Hollywood.

Well, this weekend Jenna Fischer and her husband presented their little man (Ta-dah!) on a leisurely walk on Easter. At least, according to reports, this appears to be the first sighting of the little bundle, Weston, born six months ago. I guess I didn’t miss too much as she has obviously done an impressive job keeping her latest addition under wraps.  He is a cutie too!

I will say that, in true Hollywood fashion, the press on the actress and the debut her new son comes just in time for the promotion of Fischer’s upcoming film, The Giant Mechanical Man, opening later this month. The dramedy also stars Topher Grace. If you are interested in checking out the trailer – here you go.

And without further fuss (and better late than never, right?) – Congrats Jenna and family!