It’s official! Katherine Heigl is now the proud mommy-of-two. While specific details have not been released, it has been confirmed that Heigl and husband, Josh Kelley, have officially adopted a second child.

This itty-bitty (we think at least, the age of the child is still unknown) will join older sister, Naleigh, who the couple adopted from South Korea back in 2009. Heigl has always admitted she wanted children, and even wanted more children. Remember this endearing interview  we discussed a couple of months ago when Heigl so openly talked about the struggles of being a stay-at-home mom vs. a working mother? In that same interview she also stated, “I have always loved children. I still want more children…”

It looks like her wish has been granted and her family has grown to a family of four. I can’t wait to hear the details regarding this lucky wee one! I wonder if Naleigh has a new baby brother or sister? I have a feeling Tabloidpalooza that takes place after any celebrity has a baby won’t keep us in the dark for long. We’ll keep you posted.