Laura Vikmanis (Photo Courtesy of the Cincinnati Bengals)

Skinnymom’s Resident Dietician Teaches us “It’s Not About the Pom-Poms” – It’s About the Trials and Tribulations that Connect Us All

For those who haven’t heard, Skinnymom’s own resident dietician is on her way to Hollywood! Laura Vikmanis whose book, “It’s Not About the Pom-Poms” releases today, will be making her way through the talk show circuit and sharing some of the intimate details about her life that made the book such an inspirational read. Co-written with New York Times best-selling novelist Amy Sohn, the book proves to not only be intelligently written and full of humor and wit, but also provides readers with a story they can truly connect with.

At first glance, a book about an NFL cheerleader may leave some wondering what all the fuss is about, but as the title indicates, Vikmanis’ days as a cheerleader are just a small part of the story. In the book, Vikmanis discusses her saucy and rousing journey by detailing everything from her humble upbringing in Springboro, OH to a divorce that left her broken, lost and hopeless. Through self perseverance and the incomparable inspiration that Vikmanis drew from her two daughters (now 13 and 15), she pushed past the obstacles that love and life and laid in her path and decided to make her own way.

To counter her personal devastation, Vikmanis learned to balance her work and family life, redesigned her outlook on life and rediscovered her love of dance which was a segway into not only a 25 pound weight loss, but a journey into the world of cheerleading.  In May of 2009 at the age of 40, Vikmanis landed a spot as a Cincinnati Ben-Gal and made history by becoming the oldest cheerleader in the NFL. Since then, she has continued to help hundreds of men and women by providing nutritional advice and informative and motivational articles on diet and fitness.

“It’s Not About the Pom-Poms” is must read for anyone looking for the motivation to push past life’s obstacles and make their dream a reality, and while more women may relate to the story than men, the book does provide that “laughter through tears” kind of humor that is certain to put anyone in a more positive frame of mind. Interested in the story but more of a film buff? Well you’re in luck! Laura’s story proved to be such a hit that has been optioned by New Line Cinema as a feature film and is in the hands of the writers as we speak!

While all of us at Skinnymom may be a little bias when it comes to our girl Laura Vikmanis, we hope you’ll purchase the book and see for yourself that while we all experience things in life that make us feel alone, it is often our life experiences that create the strongest connections to others. Click here to purchase a copy of Laura’s book, “Its Not About the Pom-Poms”.