It’s official! Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are expecting their first child together!

Megan Fox is the epitome of gorgeous…and she has quite the bod…but now that bod is going to share something in common with us “Skinny Moms” – it’s going to give birth. And she’s still human; she will have to work to get that beautiful body back! She looks great so far; I’m sure she’ll do just fine!

I remember the battle with post-pregnancy weight (both times), but with hard work, dedication and perseverance, I got rid of it. Every last pound. And you know what? I still have to work every single day to keep those pounds from coming back.

What was my post-pregnancy pounds battle plan? Well, I started with walking at a moderate pace within a week after giving birth (keep in mind, no C-sections here). I definitely took the time to enjoy some strolls with my sons. After a few weeks, I tried to get jogging/running and even adding in some light weight training. After about a couple months, I was ready to move on to HIIT. I did the Insanity workout¬†for the first time. That was the game-changer for me. That’s when the weight really started coming off. And I’ve just kept up a regular workout routine ever since. I love dance-based classes (just started barre classes – LOVE), hot yoga, spinning, running and strength-training. I also love to pop in an Insanity DVD here and there when I can’t get away from the house.

I’m sure Megan will have trainers and special chefs to get her whipped back into shape…but what keeps us “normal” women on track? Ourselves. Our own motivation and dedication. How did you lose the postpartum weight? Where did you struggle the most? Did you ever feel like giving up, and if so, what kept you from quitting?

Now let’s get back to that Fox-y baby…I mean,¬†is this not going to be one of the best-looking babies ever? Congrats Megan & Brian!