From Left to Right, Terri Seymour, Agatha Relota, and Jessica Alba celebrating the launch of Relota’s new children’s book.

You may recognize the name Agatha Relota the second you hear it, I know I did. Her face has graced the pages of Vogue and W magazines, and she has worked with such designers as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Hermes. But beneath her flawless beauty is a passion even more powerful and exquisite, it is her passion for dance and her passion for children.

A dancer herself from the age of four, Agatha credits her grace, self confidence and body awareness to her study of the art. She was always amazed how much one could learn from dance. It wasn’t however until years later that she would discover how to give that education back through the pages of a children’s book, and so “Carla and Leo’s World of Dance” was written.

Inspired by her nieces who constantly asked Relota to teach them to dance, she searched for a book she could give them that would not only educate them but would also excite them. To her avail however, she found nothing.

“I went looking for books on ballroom dancing that I could give them and I was shocked to find there was nothing out there for children.” Relota said.

She claims she wanted to create something beautiful that would not only educate children on the many dances of the world but would also teach them of the many histories. With the assistance of fashion illustrator Thierry Perez, Agatha was able to do just that.

“Carla and Leo’s World of Dance” is an enchanting tale of two 10 year-old children who stumble upon a magical dance school and a wonderful instructor named Miss Paulina, who invites the children to truly experience the world of dance. During their journeys, the children are not only introduced to such dances as the Fox Trot, the Cha Cha, and the Mambo, they are also educated on the dance’s history and the culture of the country from which it originated. While the book does serve as historically educational, between its whimsical story line and its brilliant illustrations, your children are certain to remain engaged.

When asked what lessons she hoped the book would teach children in addition to history and culture Relota replied, “I believe that dance in general teaches discipline, grace and elegance. It is not just for girls; dance can also teach boys how to be respectful of girls. I hope the book will provide these and many other lessons.” In addition to many of life’s lessons, the book also provides readers with a way to give back to the community. A proceed of all sales of “Carla and Leo’s World of Dance” is donated to the non-profit organization, Dancing Classrooms. This organization brings ballroom dancing into schools and uses it as a tool not only to provide exercise to students, but to teach them confidence and social etiquette as well.

Whether your home is filled with dancing divas in the making, a child who could use a little culture and grace, or a little one who is simply amazed by beautiful artwork, “Carla and Leo’s World of Dance” is certain to be a hit. Its inspiring combination of education, fantasy and beauty might be just the perfect recipe to truly open your children’s hearts and imaginations to a brand new world… the world of dance!

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