Last week NBC started a new show called “America’s Next Great Restaurant”.  In a nut shell 10 contestants compete with their fast-casual restaurant concepts through several elimination challenges. The winner of the competition receives a three-city chain of restaurants in Los Angeles, New York City and Minneapolis.

So what are the concepts? Restaurants that feature melted cheese sandwiches, Indian food, fusion tacos, meatballs, sports wraps, tapas-style Southern comfort food, healthy wok, two healthy food concepts and wings-and-waffles.

Why I’m curious about this show is the fact that America doesn’t have many healthy fast-casual restaurants options.  Let’s face it, we all have the best intentions to eat healthy, workout 5 days a week, and drink a gallon of water a day…but that’s not reality for the majority of us. But if you were offered healthier fast-casual restaurants, would you select that over a burger joint?

In a world dominated by McDonald’s, Chipotle’s and KFC’s would the public and the judges award the prize to a healthy option?  I guess we’ll just have to watch and see, but it will be interesting to see the final results. Show airs on NBC Sundays at 8pm.