For those millions of Cassey Ho and blogilates fans, her Pop Pilates Total Body Workout DVD is totally worth it! She didn’t dumb down her moves…in fact, I would say she pumped them up. This hour long workout flows so well that it doesn’t feel like a full 60 minutes!

I have been doing my own random DVD circuit of Jillian DVDs and Zumba workouts, so I am out of yoga and pilates shape. While Jillian fuses styles together, Cassey really emphasizes body resistance.

This workout had me sore, but also extremely involved and interested. I want to emphasize how hard these simple, yet innovative moves were.

For example, her chest press pulse is a seated move. All you do is cup your hands together and press your elbows together. Now of course, your arms are above your chest so you instantly feel tiresome holding them up for an extended amount of time. Add the pressure of holding a contraction…and her additional levels involving pulsing…phew! Your chest and triceps will be on fire!

Cassey’s Dancer’s Sweep is a also a brand new move (to me) that hurts after the first rep. It targets the booty–by target, I mean sniper mode, direct shot! Oh and don’t get me started on her “earthquake” move…aptly named for the feeling it produces in your abs.

Most moves progressively get harder. It really tests your endurance and will power. But, Cassey is great at explaining form and reminding you how to fight through the burn!

Now, the DVD comes with a takealong printable that has each of the moves pictured in order with the number of reps you should do. Do NOT look at this during the workout. If you are a “chronic” time checker….this will only make the workout seem harder. It may even encourage you to give up early in anticipation for the next move.

Save it for traveling and keep that case closed!


Cassey will effortlessly keep the conversation going and keep you entertained. Her bubbly personality is infectious, not over-done. I definitely recommend this DVD for all fitness levels!

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