Building muscle happens when you find the balance between strategic strength training and an eating plan (that should include proper protein and healthy carbohydrates while limiting refined sugars, processed food, and artificial ingredients). However, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the same salmon and kale for lunch and a dry chicken breast for dinner! Here’s a compilation of 25 muscle building foods that can add variety to your diet and help you sculpt those muscles into flex-worthy shape.

1. Oysters: Another seafood pick that offers the mineral zinc, oysters are rich in protein and help replenish muscles broken down from training.

2. Vinegar: Not only a nice pairing with your olive oil for salads, but when paired with carbohydrates, it acts as an agent to cause those carbs to be stored as muscle glycogen, rather than stored fat.

3. Green tea: Green tea is a wonderful antioxidant and diuretic that has also been linked to fat loss and improved blood circulation. A perfect substitute for coffee when in muscle mode! If you haven’t tried our Detox Green Tea you are seriously missing out. Give it a go already!

4. Eggs: A whole egg is a perfect pick for a protein punch. And don’t get rid of the yolk! When trying to build muscle, the yolk contains beneficial nutrients worthy of consumption. We’re currently salivating over these 11 incredible egg recipes.

Skinny Mom Easy Hard Boiled Eggs recipe

>> VIDEO: How To Hard-Boil An Egg

 5. Broccoli: Not only is broccoli low in calories and filling, it also contains a significant amount of soluble fiber, which aids in fat loss. Who doesn’t love a fat loss bonus?!

 6. Chocolate milk: Another option containing the slow-digesting protein, casein, chocolate milk has been touted as not only a great post-workout recovery drink, but a good source of necessary carbs.

 7. Almonds: These nuts stack up high when it comes to fiber and protein in comparison to most nut options. They also contain vitamin B, a vitamin linked to energize metabolism. Try Skinny Mom’s yummy Fruit and Almond Trail Mix, which is kid-tested and mommy-approved.

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