Victoria Beckham Radar Online Exclusive

There are times that I find myself baffled when I see celebrity children like little five-year-old Suri Cruise, daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, strutting her impeccably put-together self in in her custom-made Marc Jacob’s kitten heels, when I admittedly  haven’t ventured past my flats or tennis shoes since giving birth to baby #2.  Or then there’s sweet little tot darling, Mason Disick, son of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, sporting his preppy miniature sweater vest, perfectly starched, wrinkle-free khakis with that flawlessly coiffed pile of hair that is seemingly untouched by any inevitable winter gust or, god forbid, misplaced organic lollipop (what? that hasn’t happened to anyone else?).

Now, I love nothing more than a sharp dressed kidlet and I plan on taking FULL advantage of my birthing rights to dress my little nuggets up in what I can only imagine I would wish to be dressed in if I were an infant or toddler. However, no sooner than I can pull that darling little smocked jon-jon (yes, daddy we are wearing these until at least age four) over my monster’s head do we have juice dripping from our collar or crotch snaps flying open from an untimely overfilled diaper.  Or, our special knee socks (yes daddy, again, until age four) we bought for our baptism actually turn out to be ankle socks on his oversized monster toddler feet.  Or…okay, I will stop. You see where I am going? Seriously, how do these little mini media magnets stay so picture perfect?

And me, don’t even get me started on me. I still find toddler puffs in my sports bras on a frequent basis and I don’t remember the last time I could actually hang up a blousetech tee after an hour of wearing it, rather than throwing it in the sanitize cycle due to the rampant smell of dried milk from an apparently overserved infant.  So how, I ask –  just how do these moms of multiple wee ones, like superstars Gwen Stefani or Jessica Alba remain so flawless looking while candidly snapped taking to their tots to the neighborhood park? I mean these celebrities are followed everywhere. Photogs are sadly stalking their every step. Yet still, they seem to always appear as if they just stepped right out of a family portrait. Meanwhile, us mere mortals are struggling to keep our clothes in place while little hands are pulling and disheveling our fervent attempt at looking like we spent more than ten minutes pulling ourselves together.

It is with that said, that I must admit it was with great relief (and maybe a hint of satisfaction) that as I was perusing the gossip sites this week while waiting for my toddler’s crib sheets to finish washing (for the third time this week) that I came across this real mommy moment from perfectly put together Victoria Beckham. Beckam was holding her nothing less than precious, seven-month-old daughter, Harper, who had obviously tossed her cookies all over her designer duds. Still looking unflawed and unphased, Posh Spice looked like the picture of glamour – but that little stream of baby puke, in the otherwise perfect photo opp, I believe, was met with a huge collective sigh of relief from mothers around the world. She’s human ya’ll. Phew.

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