Celebrity Trainer, Jill Miller

Dana Delany was the saucy, troubled Katherine Mayfair of hit ABC series, The Desperate Housewives. Dana’s fiery personality was paralleled with her rockin’ hourglass figure, and we have called upon her personal trainer, Jill Miller, to share with us the secrets behind her curves-in-all-the-right-places figure.

Jill is recognized globally as “the expert’s expert” in fitness and yoga therapy. Jill has over 25 years of movement expertise that include the arts of yoga, modern dance, Pilates, bodywork, and shiatsu. Jill has also designed, created, and developed her own fitness therapy format, Yoga Tune Up. Jill has worked with many other celebs and has a celeb following which include Zooey Deschannel, Drew Barrymore, Ryan Seacrest, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Jill has been gracious enough to provide us with a specific yoga routine that she puts Dana through to tone and elongate her muscles. Find the Dana Delaney Workout below!

Yoga Tune Up® Coregeous Workout for Dana Delaney

1) Check your Chest (2 minutes)

Step 1: Place a Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball on top of a block or book and rest upper chest on top of block. Spend 2 minutes on each side moving the torso from side-to-side. Explore moving the arms in different directions and breathe deep.

2) Abdominal Vacuum (10-15 reps)

Step 1: Lie on back with feet about 18 inches apart, knees bent, toes pointing forward and palms flat on ground. Begin to inhale.

Step 2: Continue to inhale slowly as the hips and spine float off the floor. The arms synchronize with the pace of the breath and slowly rainbow overhead to touch the floor when the lungs are completely full.

Step 3: Rapidly exhale all of the air out through your nose until there is no breath left. DO NOT BREATHE IN! Soften the gut area and allow it to cave inwards and upwards and stick to the bottom of the lungs like cling-wrap.

Step 4 (The Vacuum): Without breathing in, lower the spine slowly to the ground and feel the odd suction of the dome shaped diaphragm creating an internal plunger-like action in the guts. (If you do this correctly, you will actually feel suction in your throat too!)

Step 5 (The Reset): Once the pelvis finds it way back to the floor, reset the arms, and repeat Steps 1-5 again. 10-15 reps.

3) Magician’s Assistant (1 minute)

Step 1: Place the sacrum on a yoga block or book and plant elbow and forearms on the ground. Activate the rectus abdominal muscles and deep hip flexors to “levitate” like a Magician’s Assistant in Las Vegas.

Step 2: Keep the Inner thighs pinned together, and breathe deeply for one full minute!

4) Tango Plank (15 reps each leg)

Step 1: Place hands on mat directly underneath shoulders and set the feet as wide as the yoga mat for a wide-legged plank.

Step 2: Alternately drive the left knee up into the right armpit (without lifting the buttocks out of the plank position) and plant the foot on the right side of the mat. Immediately draw the right knee across the body towards the left armpit and then step the foot onto the left side of the mat.

Step 3: Continue to alternate the knees while the torso pivots in a controlled swivel from side to side, just like a tango dancer. 15 X each leg.

5) Handstand

Step 1: *This advanced pose requires a massive amount of calm, coordination and core/shoulder strength. If balancing in the middle of the room is too risky, kick up to a wall.*

Step 2: For safety, place hands about 6-9 inches away from a wall. Plant hands on floor shoulder width apart and re-locate the core/shoulder strength developed in the Tango Planks. Using momentum from your legs, kick the legs up against the wall, and attempt to line up the pelvis directly over the shoulder girdle while keeping all core and back muscles engaged. Hold for 5-10 breaths, and come down!

Step 3: Try it again!!



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