If you’ve been aching for lean legs and toned inner thighs, this is for you. A collection of nearly 60 muscle-sculpting moves to work all areas of the thighs (and more!) will be more than enough to get you well on your way to those gorgeous gams you’ve been envisioning. Beginners should create a sequence of the moves below and complete three sets of 10-15 reps. Those at advanced levels should create a sequence of the moves below and complete each move as many times as possible for 60 seconds.

1. Plank Jack: This exercise adds a whole new level of heat to your traditional plank! For more instructions, click here.

Plank Jacks

2. Plie Squat into Side Kick: This twist on the squat will make your whole body burn! Keep your core engaged to stay balanced. Watch the video below, then click here for details.


3. Side to Side Speed Plank: You will really feel the burn with this variation! Focus on keeping your back straight — and don’t forget to breathe! Click here for a closer look.


4. Step-Up: You will feel this move all through your legs! Just make sure to keep your shoulders back as you step to maintain good posture. For further instructions, click here.


5. Donkey Kick Plank: If you really want to target those abs and glutes, then this is the perfect move for you! If you need more instructions, just click here.

donkey kick plank

6. Side Leg Lift: The incorporation of a resistance band into this move will really work those muscles! Remember to keep your hips aligned, one over the other, as you lay on your side. Click here for more details.


7. Inverted V Plank: If you are looking for stronger core and calf muscles, then look no further! Just make sure you do not round your back as you hold the position. For directions, click here.

inverted v plank

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