Photo: Huffington Post

Alright, so when I first saw this photo of pregnant Tori Spelling sporting the monokini  I didn’t think much of it. I assumed it was for a photo shoot and well, who wouldn’t love dressing up for a fun photo session? Then, the pictures kept appearing in my Facebook news feed as I was trying to get a little gossip update grading in.  And well, when you see repeated pop-ups in the Facebook news feed, that’s when you know it is big news, people. Big news.

I decided to take a break from my other duties and take a closer look at the pic in an effort to be fully informed for my job here as the Skinny Mom entertainment contributor (I’m looking out for you, my peeps. It’s all about you).

Turns out, the little black string number accessorized by the orange statement necklace (can’t help but laugh at the “statement” jewelry) was just a little frock that thirty-nine-year-old Spelling threw on for a family Memorial Day barbeque.

Say whhhaaaaat?

Yes, you heard me right. Spelling and hubby, Dean McDermott, seen holding seven-month-old daughter, Hattie, were just attending a summer barbeque and dare I say, wanted to keep things sizzling.

Now, I must say – she looks pretty darn smoking for a soon-to-be mother of four – but is it too much? We have explored the one-piece vs. two-piece maternity swimsuit trend  – now what do you think about a black, barely covering her lady parts, headed for some ribs and corn-on-the-cob with the kiddos mama string monokini?

C’mon, I KNOW you have an opinion.