21 Day Shred

Gives Women Powerful Tools to Overcome the Challenges of Breast Cancer

A few weeks ago, I showed up with a few friends to help sell hot dogs at a fundraiser for a charity to help support a dear friend. My friend is a breast cancer survivor who is actively involved in Casting for Recovery.  I showed up to sell hot dogs for a good cause.  I left that afternoon deeply touched by the mission of Casting for Recovery.  As I was pointing people to the hot dog stand and explaining a little about the program, a man stopped and asked for more information because his mother had just had surgery.  I was touched by his interest in the program for his mother. Breast cancer affects us all in one way or another.  I had never heard of this program until I attended a luncheon with my friend.  It is time for more women to know about this great program.

Casting for Recovery provides fly-fishing instruction and breast cancer information in a setting that helps lessen isolation, providing a recreational activity with both physical and emotional benefits.  They offer a 2 1/2 day retreat to participants at no cost to the participant.

A Casting for Recovery weekend is about empowerment.

Knowing little about fly fishing, women learn the basics while experiencing a spirit of trust and sharing that cannot be put into words. Participating at your own comfort level, you will find new strength, joy, and confidence, leaving the retreat with a belief in your ability to master the challenges ahead.

The Casting for Recovery program has generated a wide circle of survivors whose new-found understanding and enthusiasm creates ripples outward in their communities, among their friends, families, and colleagues, helping improve the quality of their lives.

Please visit their website at http://castingforrecovery.org/home to see how you can help.