Preparing for a day at the beach can seem like you’re packing to flee the country. Between trying to prepare for every possible boo-boo and blistering sunburn, it’s easy to forget one or two things. Don’t sweat it next time you’re scrambling to stuff everything but the kitchen sink in one bag; peruse this list, and Skinny Mom has you covered!

Baby wipes: Even if you don’t have an infant in tow, baby wipes are perfect for getting sticky jelly or saltwater off your skin! They’re an “insta-shower” for those of us out in the wild, and also make for a great makeup remover! These wipes from Seventh Generation are hypo-allergenic and unscented, perfect for all skin types.

seventh generation free and clear baby wipes

Photo Credit: Seventh Generation

Sunscreen: Now, who could possibly forget that? No explanation here. This sunscreen by Babo Botanicals is rich in antioxidants and contains 22 percent zinc oxides, which is a physical sunscreen rather than a chemical one!

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sun screen

Photo Credit: Amazon

Hat: A baseball cap, a floppy hat, or a bucket hat: Whatever suits your fancy and keeps the sun off your face! This adorable sun hat comes in seven different colors and is rated UPF 50+ maximum sun protection!

sun hat

Photo Credit: Amazon

Extra layers: Even though you’ll be slathered in sunscreen, it never hurts to give your skin a break from the rays. Put on a lightweight rash guard shirt when the sun gets too hot.

rash guard shirt

Photo Credit: Amazon

Reusable Water Bottles: Nix the plastic water bottles for good and stock up on a few Nalgene water bottles. Nalgene water bottles are durable, BPA-free and the narrow mouth style makes it easy to drink from.


Photo Credit: Amazon

Waterproof speakers: Bring your tunes with you on every adventure! This speaker by Elivebuy syncs with multiple phones and has wireless connectivity.


Photo Credit: Amazon

Beach umbrella: There is nothing worse than jealously looking on at other families lounging under their rainbow umbrellas. Buy a large umbrella you can stick in the sand and relax underneath when you need to break away from the heat!


Photo Credit: Amazon

Beach blanket: Enjoy lounging on the sand in comfort. With this microfiber beach blanket from YogaRat, you can fill the corner pockets with sand to keep it from folding over from the wind. It’s fast-drying and folds up super small!

yogarat beach blanket

Photo Credit: Amazon

Sunglasses: They’re especially important when you’re about to hit the water, because the combination of direct rays and reflected rays can really damage your eyes! Grab some that are a bit oversized with UVA and UVB protection.


Photo Credit: Amazon

Sunscreen lip balm: Moisturize your lips and protect them at the same time. The skin on your lips is even more susceptible to sun burn, so lathering on a lip balm like Hawaiian Tropic is always a novel idea!


Photo Credit: Amazon

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