A higher, tighter, rounder caboose something we all long for! To add a booty day to your workout routine and achieve optimal results, simply pick 4-6 exercises from the list below and complete 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps. To really up the ante, combine your strength training with some booty-blasting cardio like a stair climber session or sprint intervals on the treadmill.


1. Romanian Deadlift: This exercise will tone your lower back, which can ultimately help define your booty’s shape. The slimmer your back appears, the fuller your butt with look! Try to complete this exercise with only a slight bend in the knees and without rounding out your back! Check it out here.



2. Resistance Band Kickbacks: This move will give you the full definition you long for! The resistance band will provide tension and it’s a constant reminder to keep your abs engaged and glutes contracted. See how to perform these kickbacks by watching the video below or clicking here!


3. Weighted Plie Squats: Sculpt long, lean limbs as you tighten your booty with this ballet-inspired move. The single weight forces you to work harder to achieve the results you want, but you’ll get there faster! See the instructions here.



4. Box Jumps: You’ll feel the burn with this exercise as your lower body drives you up to land on each step. This move is easily modified so you can perform it on any stair in your home! There’s no excuse, so get started here.



5. Lunge to Single Leg Deadlift: This compound move may seem difficult at first, but it’ll get your booty in tip-top shape. Be careful never to round or arch your back during this move and let the lower body do all the work. Get the details on the move here!


6. Sumo Squat with Bicep Curl: Drop it low, girl! Perform this exercise slowly and with control to see positive results and avoid injury. The weights will give you the guns you want, too! Click here to check it out.



7. Static Lunge with Dumbbell: You know lunges are a must-do for a sculpted booty, but add a dumbbell for a challenge! It provides more resistance so you can push yourself as you raise up from each lunge. Watch the video below, then see the move here.


8. Back Extensions: Grab your stability ball and try this exercise to get a sculpted back and booty. Keep your movement controlled and your core engaged to get your best results! Check your technique by clicking here.



9. Step-Up: For a low impact workout that’ll still give you a tighter backside, try these step-ups with a bench. For an added challenge, step up to a higher surface! Get started here.



10. Intensified Lunge: Crank up the difficulty by performing a lunge with a foam roller placed under your back foot. This will force you deeper into the lunge and will make it harder to lift back up to the starting position. You can do it! Start by learning the move here.

intensified lunges


11. Frog Jumps: This is a total body move that’ll sculpt long, lean legs and a tight booty! Use your lower body to drive yourself upward and hit each position flawlessly. Get a detailed how-to by clicking here.

frog jump

Ready to whip your butt into shape? Don’t forget a warmup and cooldown!